[Herald Interview] Korea[Korean History] In 2004, serial murderer with goal to kill 100 was stopped at 20대통령실, 범정부 기술유출 합동대응단 출범인요한 "이준석에 통크게 제안…돌아와 총선 중책 맡아달라"인요한 "이준석에 통크게 제안…돌아와 총선 중책 맡아달라"Talks on Goryeo artifact's repatriation resume a decade laterSamsung CEO highlights AI safety research선관위, 이준석 유튜브 멤버십 중지 요청…"정치자금법 위반 소지"[From the scene] Jazz music livens up Seoul's streetsS. Korea retracts bans on disposable cups at cafes, restaurants Kakao completes its first own data center Unification minister to visit Britain, Germany [Korea Beyond Korea] ‘Korea should support Korean history studies, research abroad’ [Herald Interview] Song Joong 4th Global Biz Forum kicks off to discuss 'next prosperity' 여당, 총선변수에 고심…“쇄신한 민주당과 대결 준비해야” Milk prices to go up in Oct. N. Korea scheduled to hold key parliamentary meeting following Kim Broadcom to appeal S. Korean regulator's fine over unfair Samsung Electronics deal Seoul shares open lower on Fed's higher Reconstructed Dondeokjeon hall in Deoksu Palace to open to public Major Korean firms fare worse than US counterparts in H1 SK Earthon starts first independent oil production in South China Sea N.Korea blasts Yoon for denouncing military ties with Russia at UN [Herald Interview] Kim Jee KFCC hosts UN conference for inclusive finance [Herald Interview] Mimiirose hopes to make a name for itself 카메라 찍힌 김여정 960만원 '디올 백'…그 자체가 北인권 참상 KB chief hopes successor transforms group into 'Samsung of finance' Rebellions' AI chip to undergo IBM quality testing